Oh man, I just realized it has been more than a month since my last post… Well sorry for the hiatus but I’m currently spending all my time making snk cosplays and working on a dating game. I’ll also have to take care of the registration forms for the uni next year…. I’ll probably be back next month.

And that’s how Jean learnt that he should pay more attention to the feelings of those around him, especially those he cares about.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

I’m sorry, I don’t even know how long I took to answer this, tumblr didn’t tell me I had a new ask.

Anyway, shipping wars in the teachers room. In France, learning english is compulsary and then you have to choose a second language to learn. The teachers decided to have a contest, each choosing a couple in their class, the first to get them together wins. Henning can’t compete as he’s the english teacher and everyone is in his class and Rene already won thanks to Ymir and Christa. Now Nanaba and Gerger are competing for second place.

Here in France it’s the Chandeleur aka the best day of the year! Basically we celebrate that the days are growing longer by eating crêpes because they’re round and goldish so they look a bit like the sun.

Seriously they’re the easiest thing to cook and they’re delicious. There’s probably as many recipes as there’s french people. I personnally never use the same but they’re always good. I’ll give you one recipe if you want to try!

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//I should be drawing because I want to post something tomorrow but I just wasted almost an hour on this. My drawing would be finished by now XD

It’s not my fault, I kept seeing all the ask blogs posting about this on my dashboard… I hate you all.

I just hit 100 followers so I drew some fanservice to show my love! Those dorks are actually really good handball players (and shamelessly favour the school handball club so that everyone at Maria Highschool play it).

False fire alarm in the middle in the night in winter are the worst. Connie probably figured it was the best time to show off in underwear in front of Sasha as it’s too cold to get a boner anyway.

Sure can do! The pleasure is all mine hohohoho.

But seriously, they’re supposed to end up together at some point but I also love having them like that… What should I do? Torture Marco a bit more or make them official at the next opportunity?

Sorry for the delay again, I took part in a secret santa and spent too much time on my drawing…. Anyway this blog lacked some old men, I hope you don’t mind that I drew that before an answer. Happy birthday Levi and merry Christmas to all!